Salvage Interiors has ceased to operate by that name. However, founder and sole proprietor Steve Wallin continues to produce custom furniture and store fixtures from his studio in Toronto, Ontario. Steve will continue to use reclaimed wood in his projects and offer a more refined take on reclaimed wood furniture than a lot of others in that niche.

“This change is simply to allow me to have more freedom in regards to the work that I produce. I no longer want to be defined and confined by a brand/company name that pigeonholes me, I want my work to speak for itself without presumption. That being said, I still have a passion for reclaimed wood and I have built an extensive list of sources in Toronto and throughout Ontario. I will not abandon the use of reclaimed wood, I will continue to use it when the design benefits from it, or when my customers request it.”

Please visit me at, which will host all the furniture and store fixtures I produced under the Salvage Interiors name, as well as all my forthcoming projects.

-Steve Wallin